Who we are

Realtrify is a leading O2O (online-2-offline) real estate service provider in Nigeria. With over 50 residential and commercial projects across Nigeria, we have built strong strategic alliance with the very best partners in the industry to drive inclusive and sustainable development through effective collaboration. 

 At Realtrify, we are passionate about creating exceptional consumer experiences. We have integrated online information and marketing with offline experiences to keep consumers engaged early in projects and to deliver exceptional products. To also ensure we meet customer satisfaction, we have developed the RealEx Marketplace where producers can collaborate with consumers to create shared value.

Diversity is at the foundation of what we do at Realtrify and it gives us the competencies we need to service a wide variety of clients. For projects ranging from off-plan development, sales of land, residential property to retail investment in commercial property in the agriculture, hospitality and retail sectors, we lead our clients through the entire journey.



Core Values

Service, Participation for impact, Continuous improvement, Respect, Diversity and Inclusion.

Our Mission

At Realtrify, we are on the mission of helping people and organizations with opportunities to shape inclusive and sustainable communities where anyone can live, work and play.

Our Vision

At Realtrify, we believe in an empowered and sustainable future, one where anyone can participate and share with dignity and respect. Our vision of shared prosperity drives our business decisions.