Jehus farm, Ogare

1,350,000 1,200,000

Lease Ownership of Jehus Farm for 3 Years @ ₦1.2m

  • Cultivated plant: Planatain
  • Location: Ogare, Ogun state
  • Duration: 3years
  • Price: ₦1,200,000

100% returns in 3 years i.e

₦400,000 every 6 month for 2 years,

= ₦2,400,000

The package guarantees an annual profit of about 33.3% on investment.


New investment package here is designed to allow investors start earning returns from their investment from the 6th month of investment. For instance, if you invest #1,200,000 in an acre of plantain farm you will earn #400,000 every sixth month till end of the three years’ investment period. This implies that every year you earn #400,000 x 2 = #800,000. yearly for 3 years.

This package gives an annual returns of about 33.3% on investment.


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