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Make the most of this period. Collaborate on Realtrify Workspace

As more people and businesses continue to work remotely and engage more in online interactions, we are constantly looking for more efficient ways to drive these interactions. The global Pandemic had challenged us and has also presented us the opportunity to shape more inclusive and sustainable workplaces.

The Realtrify Workspace is a cloud based productivity tool for effective team communication and collaboration. With Workspace, you can chat in real time, share files with your team, create channels and private groups or switch to video/audio conferencing with live streaming capabilities for webinars, meetings and more. These tools have been developed with great user interface and will help leaders get the best of their teams.

We are helping individuals and organizations shape more inclusive and sustainable communities to live, work and play. This is at the core of our mission at Realtrify. Invite teammates and friends to collaborate and work on interesting projects with Realtrify Workspace.

 With Realtrify, it’s simple; Collaborate! Create! Succeed!

Ben Iyke Odiakose

Ben Iyke Odiakose is a social entrepreneur and a real estate professional. He is a managing partner at BIO Listings and Realtrify, a leading O2O social commerce and real estate service provider in Nigeria on a mission to shape inclusive and sustainable communities. Ben believes in a sustainable future for Nigeria and the role of empowered individuals, taking collective action to shape it. He has worked in a series of projects and will be pleased to help you through your journey.

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